Here are the current support responsibilities for Jake Wheat, and what is able to be supported:

  • Stoney LaRue’s Online Web Store – order fulfillment, shipping, order claims – click here to shop now.
  • Jake Shimabukuro’s digital concert download platform – code errors, redemption issues, and obtaining the original digital file. – click here to view digital files now.
  • Stoney LaRue and/or Jake Shimabukuro website, tour date, marketing, or other related issues.
  • Online HTML newsletters from Jake Shimabukuro and/or Stoney LaRue – to opt-out, please email us your request and it will be honored in 48 hours of receipt.
  • We will accept returns to our mailing address, but we will not exchange items, once the item is returned we will notify you of next steps.

What we do not do, and what we are not responsible for:

  • We do not book shows for artists, we are not the booking agent. You may find this information on the respective artist’s contact page on their website.
  • We do not maintain the Jake Shimabukuro online merch store, and we do not have tracking information on product orders.  We only handle digital products.  We will gladly forward your issue to the proper contact.
  • We cannot assist with personal computer or digital music player issues, we can only assist with obtaining the proper files.

Contact us using the form below, and we will get back to you very soon.  Do not call without filing a support ticket and waiting 24 hours for a reply.

If you are reporting a download code issue, please include the code in your message to us. We cannot repair codes that are not reported to us, and that will extend your time getting a resolution.

Contact US Form

Jake A. Wheat

Address :  PO Box 176 - Fairdale, Kentucky 40118

Phone: 502-381-3119 (Monday - Friday 10PM - 5PM EST)

Contact Email:

** Most phone calls can be avoided by contacting us by voice mail, we will not be able to expedite issues any faster by phone.