Universal South - Nashville, TN

New Media Marketing & Web Development



Call Center Marketing, Video, Graphic Design


NBC Universal

Technology Department


eOne Entertainment

Digital Marketing, Website Design, Social Media Management

2015 - Present

Jake Wheat Digital Marketing & Design

Social Media Marketing, Tour Marketing, Website Development, Video Creation, Photography, Publication / Design, Digital Art

20 years of digital marketing, a lot of changes, and still going strong.

Tour Marketing

Simply, we put fans in the seats. We work with the artist, the venue, and we create assets to build excitement.

Digital Marketing

Video marketing, social media graphics, and even analytics of metrics – our claim to fame is our methods are backed with 17 years of experience which grew into and through the social media boom, and we stay abreast of the changes to stay on top.

Website Development & Design

My first website was in 1998, and things were quite different then. Design was different, so was the methods that were used to create professional websites. The only thing that has changed is that the tools are better, but my eye for design has evolved with the trends.