The #1 Design Requirement For 2019.

January 3, 2019
January 3, 2019 Jake Wheat

The #1 Design Requirement For 2019.

Remember that good design is a process, but the sole structure that needs to be considered is not the media itself, it’s the designer.  The fundamental rules to live by in 2019 is to be kind, be good to yourself, and above all else – create beautiful things.

Often times I have witnessed individuals attempt a project, but rush through the details and fall short of a successful outcome because the drive was too strong, and the journey to the destination was ignored.  It’s unhealthy actually to ignore the process of getting there, as the journey is really where the developmental phases comes to fruition. Let it evolve in a process, do not hit a blank canvas and get frustrated by pitfalls.

The basic elements are already there, remember to evolve with them, and carve a pathway for yourself that brings you joy.

1. Begin with a concept basics: who is your audience, what is the goal, what media format(s) are you going to utilize?

2. Conduct a brainstorm session with yourself, your team, and then compile the best ones in concept, which is the idea behind the design.  Fall into the reasons for colors, for symbolism, for potential scenarios, music – and then present the top concept(s) to your client.

3. Get approval, and then revisit the concept with your team.  Implement research into ROI, media, final symbolism, music, mascot/icon/logo/branding, and then run with it.

Often times in this industry we forget about ourselves, and focus on the design project at hand.  It will be crafted by your knowledge, but it will be harder if the path to get there is cloudy with struggle.  Allow yourself to find peace, and watch how easy the end result is obtained.

New Year. New Designs. New Outlook.

Be Kind,
Jake <3