Tour Marketing Guidelines - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Contact: Jake A. Wheat – 502-381-3119
10 AM – 6 PM EST – M-F

Jake A. Wheat
502-381-3119 (Direct Cell Number)
8am-5pm EST.

We would like to speak to you about your upcoming Big Bad Voodoo Daddy tour, we would be happy to address them on a call: 502-381-3119.

Note: We are here to help. If you do not promote your show, follow through on social media, or provide ticket counts – we cannot put out fires due to failure to promote properly.

1. Jake Wheat is your primary contact for the artist’s social media and tour marketing. Please contact me for all marketing related approvals. Once contacted, I will need 24 hours to approve materials and will respond to you.

2. Utilize social media, specifically Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will provide you with assets to use for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, specifically the following links:

If you need additional or different creatives, please contact us to address your needs. If you need special radio or video assets that are authorized for broadcast, please visit the following pre-approved link provided by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy:

The links that we provided above contain all of the assets at this time that are available, or you can create your own using the provided component assets and submit to me for approval using the email address above.

3. Check in with Jake Wheat each week, and we will be checking each social account to view postings and references to the show. You must have access to post, or have an assigned person with access we can speak to directly. Posting to socials and utilizing frequency of posts related to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is expected.

Proper social media post should include:

A. Tag @bigbadvoodoodaddy on Facebook, @bigbadvoodoodaddyofficial on Instagram, and @bbvd on Twitter.

B. Band spelling is always Big Bad Voodoo Daddy not Daddies, Daddy’s, or The Big Bad Voodoo Daddy as it is a singular entity.

C. Always provide the band’s tag, your venue tag the venue, with City and State, and also the ticket link. If the ticket link is long, use a link shortened for free like Bitly. You can get a free account and track your links here:

D. Use hashtags: #bbvd2019tour #swingmusic #25YearsofBBVD – we track these hashtags. We do not share or repost on our Official accounts unless they are scheduled in advance with me directly.

Example: @bigbadvoodoodaddy will be coming to @thevenue in City, State on Month, Day! Get tickets directly here: – you can include extra verbiage in third person as you desire.

4. External media and cross promotion: any external groups (Swing dance, Jazz, School bands) we would encourage cross promotion. Please advise me with any plans or ideas for approval using the contact information above.

5. Instagram takeovers: Please express interest to me directly to get set up for a takeover by the band.

6. If you want Big Bad Voodoo Daddy to post for your event on their Official accounts, please schedule your posts here: – allow for approval to get scheduled, if you DO NOT schedule a post here, it will not be posted.

7. If your show has not yet been announced, it is required that I coordinate with you to make sure that we get your FB event page, ticket link, and your tour date listed on our website.

Please do NOT negotiate an announce date until you have discussed this tentatively with Jake Wheat for approval and scheduling. Announce dates are NOT firm until discussed with Jake Wheat, failure to do so will delay the date from being put in our system, website, or social promotions.

8. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy has sizzle, and we want to help your tour marketing efforts when it comes to social media.

Please find our new sizzle reel video available for download and immediate use here:

If you need special assets like broadcast TV spots or radio spots, please see the link outlined above from our provider.

9. You can find high res photo assets here:

There are also additional promo assets located in the media Dropbox:

10. If these links do not provide what you need, contact Jake Wheat using the contact information above.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is celebrating 25 years, and so the new sizzle reel really pulls the energy into that celebration. Please post this to your social media, and feel free to export to your Instagram, using the properly encoded file. The files encoded for Instagram and Twitter can be found here:

Most will enjoy the HD 720p on socials and then HD1080p for HD platforms.

We look forward to working with you.

Jake A. Wheat
Tour Marketing/Social Media For Big Bad Voodoo Daddy